Saturday, October 18, 2008

Freedom in Park City

Justin and I hadn't had a night "away" (meaning without Kennedy and somewhere other than our own home) for about 4 years. We decided the world owed it to us. We wanted to go somewhere close, cheap, slightly romantic and fun.

No, not Tooele. Good guess, though.

Park City!! I found a nice little condo rental on (thanks, Mom!), and since we're still in the "off-season," it was pretty dang inexpensive.

After shopping for a few hours at the outlet malls, occasionally looking under coat racks for our child (it's a habit) who was not there, but with a babysitter (thanks, Janica), we checked into our condo and crashed for a few hours. Shopping wears us out. We must be old. What happened to the days when I could shop for 5 hours and not even break a sweat??

After napping, we went to dinner (steak- yum!) and then meandered along Main Street, only to find that all of the shops close early during the week, so we drove back to the condo and watched Seinfeld and the Notebook....among other things which grown-ups do when kids are not around. Like have pillow fights and play video games.

And what is the first thing on my mind when I awake in the morning? (Who am I kidding- it's always on my mind.) Food!

Delicious breakfast. The best hot apple cider I've ever had. They even put a little cinnamon stick in it! Some people are just so creative. Seriously.

We then walked up and down Main Street (luckily the stores were open, this time- and my butt is seriously sore from that enormous hill. How pathetic is that?), and looked in all of the stores and art galleries. One of them is a photo gallery, and all of the photographs in there were taken by a couple who travels all over the world. It really fueled our desire to go to Italy... and Norway... and France. Ok, so everywhere in Europe. But we both really enjoy art, so it was great to see all the things people can do that I suck at.

Aren't we cool? Yes, I thought so, too.

It was only a one night get-away, but it was a lot of fun. I missed Kennedy way more than I should have, but she had a blast with her bff Kaitlyn, and I admit it was really nice to be able to window shop without a whining child. I already had a husband whining about my excessive need to touch everything. Although his whining may be justified...

*Another Kennedyism:

She loves to sing. The other day, this is how her song went:

"I love to see the temple, I'm going there, someday, Yes, SIR!, Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer, had a very shiny nose...."

The "Yes, SIR" was very enthusiastic- and she didn't skip a beat as she started into the Christmas carol.


the mom said...

Looks like you guys had a lovely getaway. Love the hat pics - you guys are so goofy.

I love off-season room rates. Kristin and I are about to take a little autumn adventure to the Olympic Peninsula, and I've found rooms for $40 and $60 a night!

Maybe Kennedy will see Rudolph at the temple.

Jennifer said...

Hi Ashley! Yeah, a night away! You make such a cute cowgirl. I like to touch everything too, but Brandon also has to put up with my fettish for scents as well. :) Poor guy. We can spend way too much time in the scented candle and lotion departments. I guess it all evens out when we indulge Brandon's electronics fettish though. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh man! I'm so jealous! I really missed you on Wednesday night- it was great fun and I needed a dancing partner.... Ewa wouldn't dance with me:( Pretty crazy! We need to hangout very very soon. Miss ya lady! I'm glad you had fun!

Sarah said...

Oh yeah, thats awesome!! A night away at Park City sounded like a blast! I love the pics. and your grown up activites... "pillow fights" and video games. You guys know how to have a good time! :)

Shopgirl1483 said...

i know that boot-- it's gotta be park city!!

looks like a fun night for grown ups to do....grown up things. tee hee hee.

CAMI said...

Ok I know I always say this but Kennedy is adorable- I love the pictures of her all dressed up!
Im glad you got away! thats so nice~ even a few hours away some days makes you love and appreciate your kid!

Schwartz Family said...

That looks like fun! I wanted to go to park city this weekend but I dont usually get what I want! You need to leave kennedy for longer than just one night especially after 4 years!

melanie33 said...

a night away? i vaguely remember things like that. in fact i vaguely remember seeing my husband; i know he is around here somewhere. glad you guys got away. park city is so fun. and i swear you just feel cooler being up there, do you not?

oh and by the way... are you trying to tell me that kennedy was singing incorrect lyrics? i have been singing it that way for YEARS.

Smiley Family said...

Thanks for the laugh - Kennedy is a crack-up!

As for the night away, sounds awesome! Once Trent is weaned I think Brian and I should have a night away. We haven't had one since Ashlyn was born - how pathetic!

Kevan and Jill said...

How fun! Next time invite us okay? We generally spend at least one night a year in Park City and we haven't done it yet this year. You look super cute in those pictures.