Saturday, September 6, 2008

It must be in the water.

Today I went to a baby shower for 2 of my friends: Kristin and Ashley (no, not "my" Ashlee, but a different one). This Ashley was lucky enough to get a month cut off of her pregnancy and went ahead and had her baby a few days ago. So we were lucky enough to see her and the baby at the baby shower! Kristin still has a while (until January). And 2 other girls at the shower were pregnant, as well! AND Ashlee (yes, the "Ashleye" Ashlee) is still pregnant, too. I think I should be careful not to the same water they've all been drinking.

Here are Kristin and Ashley opening some gifts that we showered them with, and then Sandy holding cute little Brady, and my favorite face I've ever seen Sharee pull:

My beautiful friend, Erin, and me, Erin showing me her tiny prego belly, then Kim and Kristin laughing at something that must have been incredibly clever, and then Erin's beautiful boy, Zenneth.
My gift to the mothers: a diaper cake (one for each mom)
It's made out of diapers (obviously) and there are bottles in the middle to hold it upright... and hair elastics and rubber bands to keep the diapers rolled up. It looks a lot harder than it really is. And no, I didn't come up with this idea on my own. I'm not that creative.

And here are my beautiful friends:
I'm so glad I was able to see all of you!! I had SO much fun. We definitely need to get together more often. It's extremely refreshing. I love you all!

Oh- Ashlee update. She is almost 35 weeks along, and is scheduled to be induced on the 22nd. Both babies (girls) are growing very strong and healthy, and Ashlee is feeling as good as can be expected. Tired, but good. She's been on bed rest for 2 months, which sucks, but it's been fun for me, because I get to go visit her! Every week I bring over some Gelato to keep us both very healthy and sane. So, that's the update. I'll post more info when I have some.


the mom said...

Don't drink the water!!!!!! :)

I'm so glad you posted these - it's fun to see your friends again. I know you love spending time with them and have missed them dearly.

And you ARE very creative - LOVE the diaper cake. Beautiful job.

Jennifer said...

I'm so glad you had such a fun time with your friends! Very cute diaper cakes. :) Thanks for sending Kennedy our way while you were at the shower! The birthday party was so fun for them!

Shopgirl1483 said...

cute friends and cute diaper cake.

i'm with you on the water. is everyone in the world prego right now? geesh.

melanie33 said...

well i don't know what kind of water puts a baby in your stomach but i would definitely take the same precautions as well. and twins? forget the gelato and stay VERY FAR AWAY FROM HER AND HER STRANGE WATER.

Schwartz Family said...

Oh man! They are everywhere! I can't wait till Ashlee has her babies! She made me a promise that she would not have them while I am on vacation and I know she would never break a promise to me or she knows I will kick her butt! HEHE

Lisa said...

I was so sad I couldn't come! I would have loved to see you all again...I told Sharee I couldn't come cuz I was deep cleaning my house getting ready for Lily's blessing... I agree.. we all need to get together more often!

Sarah said...

Im so happy you posted pics. Its the next best thing to see you all since I couldn't be there in person.
That pic of Kim and Kristin laughing is hilarious. I love laughing pics.
So Erin is prego, huh?! She looks so good. Who is the other of the group that drank the water??
I definetly need to be at the next get together... whatever it might be! I miss seeing everyone!

Sarah said...

PS I love your cute diaper cake. Gotta remember that one for the next shower I have to go to!

Schwartz Family said...

So I have a baby shower to go to tomorrow so I made a diaper cake thinking that maybe, just maybe I might be as domesticated as you......

It did not turn out nearly as cute as yours! You are my crafty hero! HEHE

Ashley Rae said...

I'm sad a lot of you guys couldn't make it. And Sarah- I'm assuming she's ok with me announcing she's prego since she announced it at the shower- but it's Kim!!

And Ashlee- I'm sure your diaper cake was way better than mine. We both know how amazingly crafty you are.

Angelique Archuleta said...

I wanted to do one of those cakes last week, I had seen one before, but couldn't remember all the details. Very cute!! Looks like a lot of fun. Don't drink the water. Or maybe you should. Kennedy wants a friend