Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The 2nd and final step: The Verdict

My American Idol checklist:

-Wristband: Check

-Song choice: Check
I decided to sing Fooled Ya Baby.

-Outfit: Check
As I was trying things on in the dressing room last night (I procrastinate- don't judge me), I took pictures and sent them to my mother for her input. This was the winner:

And of course I wore my sexy bright red shoes, dark blue jeans, black/red earrings, and a cute black bracelet to tie it all together.

-Nerves: Check

-Make new friends: Check

-Warming up the vocals in the hall with the new friends: Check

-Getting REALLY hungry and waiting in an hour long line to get food: Check

-Getting a little too excited from seeing Ryan Seacrest in person, who I don't even like in the first place: Check

-Make it through round one: _____ unchecked.

After waiting in the arena for about 5 hours, watching many crazy people in costumes make it through, some really good singers and some not-so-good singers make it through, and some INCREDIBLE singers get turned down, it was finally my turn to sing (as well as the 3 other girls in my line). I gave it my all (which is all I could ask for), and they called us all forward and said "You all are very talented, but, unfortunately, there are a lot more factors that go into picking someone than just talent. So I'm sorry, but we're not going to put any of you through."

As I walked down the "hall of shame" I really wasn't upset or bitter at all. Eh. I knew there was a very very small chance of making it, so I wasn't surprised. Thanks for all of your good luck wishes and your support!!

-Having a fun experience and having a day off work: Double check.

Maybe I should have worn a chicken costume.


Chris said...

Aw Ashley I am so sorry. You have a great voice. I would LOVE to know what they so-called 'other factors' are. Seriously, why do they allow the idiots through who make asses out of themselves and then people who are really talented (like yourself) get left behind....? I guess the show would be really boring without some of the freaks, but still??????
At least you gave it your best, and HAD FUN. I'm sure your Mom is proud of you, that goes without saying. :)

the mom said...

Yes, mom is very proud : )

Just keep singing, just keep singing....

melanie33 said...

Dang. I am sorry to hear that there is more to judging a talent competition than talent. I had no idea. I guess a statue of liberty costume is really a great determinate of talent. Turns out I am not as smart as I thought.n oops.
There are other places to share your amazing gift though, and we will root you on there:)

Anonymous said...

Oh Ashley, I'm so proud of you and you gave all of us some fun and excitement with your posts. You DO have such a beautiful talent and it's so great that you are willing toi share it when ever and where ever the opportunity comes. Thanks for some real fun.

Sharee and Court said...

Oh man! I was so rooting for you! Oh well. Do you think you will try out again?

wurstens5 said...

Sorry you didn't make it through. I don't really get there process of picking people out. I thought they wanted good singers? Keep trying though 3rd times a charm!!

Stacie said...

I admire your courage and confidence to tackle that experience!! good job!

ann michele said...

that stinks....but hey at least you got a new outfit.....that alone would make me happy.

Archuleta's said...

Eh. They don't know a great thing when they see it. I'm very proud of you for going through the process. That must have taken some serious cahunas (I'm sure that is spelled wrong, but you get the idea.) Way to go girl. Atleast now I dont have to worry about you leaving us all behind with your fame :)

Jennifer said...

Good job Ashley! I'm so proud of you! That wouldn't be an easy experience, but it sounds like you made the best of it! Personally, I was blown away by your talent when you performed your song for Brandon and me. :)

The Nelson Family Smorgasbord said...

Ashley, you have the best attitude! Your absolutely gorgeous voice will take you to venues way above and beyond the ranks of American Idol. They don't deserve your voice...it's far too angelic for their good! I like your mom's advice, "Just keep singing, just keep singing!..."

Janica said...

nice job you big hottie!! hehe. im really sorry to hear you didnt make it through (mostly cuz you wouldve given me so much credit on ntl tv!! 3rd times the charm right?? tell me when and where and ill go with ya!

Smiley Family said...

I said it before and I'll say it again...Idiots. You should have made it through.

Shopgirl1483 said...

hey at least you can't say they didn't choose you based on your outfit. i think your outfit is super cute!

Kaija said...

Sorry this comment is late! I've been out of town. How could they NOT choose you? That's it I just banned American Idol...that will show them I know!!
You should have totally made it! Your outfit was dang cute! What a good experience though right?

Michelle said...

Darn it! You look so cute in your outfit too, I love your hair.

You certainly are talented and I'm so proud of you for even trying...which obviously takes a lot of nerve.