Friday, May 2, 2008

Tetris, anyone?

Remember Tetris? The OLD one? It was so addicting. And then after you played it all night, it haunted your dreams. When you awoke, everything you looked at turned into little, colorful, Tetris pieces and they began to fall into place. You looked at a brick wall and you could see just how the bricks were placed together... and you swore you saw the bottom layer just disappear. You looked at the blades of grass and suddenly they were somehow moving to interlock with each other.

What a great, edifying game for children.

Ok- and I am amazed at how talented some people are and how they use their skills. I give you: The Tetris Theme Using Bottles:


wurstens5 said...

oh, I loved this game. I still do, If only I still had an original nintendo.

the mom said...

I loved tetris too.... though dreaming about it all night was not that fun.

Viscious Starfish should get these guys to open for them at concerts.

Angelique said...

laugh out loud!! are you kidding. can that really be real. crazy!
i still often see tetris pieces in things.. is i like it when things fall into place.

melanie33 said...

I LOVE tetris. I also kick some major butt at tetris, if I do say so myself. I still play it on the computer occassionally at but that is funny how you know you have been playing it too much when you see it behind closed eyes! That totally used to happen to me as a youngster! (btw, I was attempting to be funny when I said "yougster", I would never REALLY say that...promise.)
That video is kind of creepy to me. I think it shows that we Americans have entirely too much time on our hands.