Thursday, March 13, 2008

Before I forget... Days 3-4!

I must be getting old. I'd heard that your memory slowly drifts away as you age, and I'm finally starting to believe it. No, I haven't forgotten that I was going to post more about Disneyland- but I'm slowly forgetting what happened. And I know if I don't write down what happened, I'll forget that I went at all!

Day 3: Sea World

First, when we woke up, it looked like Mickey Mouse had visited our room during the night and left presents for Kennedy!! She was thrilled.

(She took her shirt off as soon as she saw that there were some clothes to try on!)

Then off to Sea World.

I had never been to Sea World, so I was anxious to go. It was a perfect day- There was hardly anybody there and the weather was gorgeous.

Here are some random pictures we took:

I don't know what kind of animal this was- a dolphin of some sort, I believe. (Notice Kennedy in her sweatshirt she got from Mickey)

I think sea lions are so cute. I want one. But I'd need a place to put it besides a bathtub...

Then we saw the famous Shamu show!

Kennedy refused to open her eyes because "the sun would hurt them."

Eels creep me out.

We saw lots of cool animals... and Justin went on the rollercoaster, he fed a dolphin, we went to the dolphin show, the penguins, sharks, yada yada yada... I liked Sea World, but to tell you the truth- I didn't think it was as amazing as everyone had told me it was. Don't get me wrong- it was cool. But I don't have to go back. Unlike Disneyland...

Funny Kennedy-ism: She was really tired and didn't want to walk, so Justin had her on his shoulders for a big chunk of the day. On one occasion when he put her down, she started whining- I asked her what the problem was. Her response: "There are ants in my feet!!" It took me a moment to realize what she was saying (her feet had fallen asleep). Haha! We got a good chuckle out of that one.

Day 4: DISNEYLAND again

I'm getting too old for this. And that's pretty sad, since I'm only 25. But walking around for 3 days straight is exhausting!! And I thought a marathon was bad.

Since it was so empty on Day 2, we had pretty much gone on all the rides we really HAD to go on, already. It was significantly more crowded on Day 4. So when we first got there, we headed over to California Adventure, which was almost a ghost town. So ghostly, in fact, we felt like we needed to ride the Tower of Terror!! (ooooooohhhh) I guess we forgot to mention to Kennedy how scary it is.. but she figured it out as soon as the ride started. She closed her eyes the whole time. But she was a great sport!! I love that ride. She didn't.
We made it up to her by going on the "dumb" carousel (that's what Justin told me it was called). She, of course, loved it...

which you can plainly see by her enthusiastic smile.

We strolled through California Adventure... through "Bug World," which was cool. We felt like little bugs. And we rode the bumper cars, which were actually bugs. Obviously.

On our way out, we ran into Mr. Incredible! Surprisingly enough, Justin didn't feel inferior. Mr. Incredible did.

We made our way over to Disneyland, which was way crowded. Still way better than the summer, but worse than the previous day. Kennedy was really really tired by this point- we ended up renting a stroller. Best $10 we ever spent. We were SO exhausted and didn't want to carry a 40 lb kid around. We figured out which rides we wanted to hit the most, since we were almost ready to call it a trip- Peter Pan, Pirates, Winnie the Pooh (Kennedy's choices), Splash Mountain... oh I miss it already.

We were too cheap to buy a picture- so we took pictures OF the pictures:

We were way too into this ride, since you can compete against each other by shooting the aliens.

(We're in the back. I think that if we were in the front we MIGHT have forked out the $$ to actually buy it. Then again, maybe not)

Over to Toon Town to take some more fun pictures:

We went in Tarzan's Tree house...which is the dumbest "ride" ever. You climb up a gazillion stairs (yes, a gazillion), look in a tree house and look at the rooms they have in there, read the story, and then climb back down those gazillion stairs, and you can bang on pots and pans at the bottom. AND the tree wasn't even real. Stupid.

We saw a tall man in a hat and asked if he'd take a picture with us! (Justin thought of a few Woody jokes, but he made sure to say them quietly.)

Oh- haha! And as we were saying goodbye to Woody, a woman was pushing an older lady in a wheelchair, and I heard the woman say "Look mom! See who it is?" With much enthusiasm, the mom said "Oh wow! It's John Wayne!!" We got another good chuckle.

To end the trip- a nice picture in front of the Disneyland entrance.

And some foot rubs.

After dinner- we went back to the hotel, and Kennedy was so surprised to find that Mickey had visited her again!

(Notice that she's already taking her shirt off- ready to try the new clothes on)

She has been talking about Disneyland nearly every day since we came home. "Mom- do you remember that monster on that one ride? (Matterhorn) I do." "Do you remember the pirate ride?" "Remember I met Woody?" "Hey mom- remember that Peter Pan ride with Captain Hook?" ...

It was a blast. We all had way too much fun.


ann michele said...

sounds like fun! i've never been...guess i might have to go sometime...although i have to admit that mikey just isn't really my thing....

Michelle said...

Ashley you look so cute in all those pictures! I LOVE LOVE LOVE SEAWORLD, I could feed the seals and dolphins all day long.

Looks like your trip was a complete success.

Have fun with your momma this week.

Sarah said...

kenedy is the cutest! I love the pic with her squeezing her eyelids closed because the sun would hurt them. What a cutie! Looks like you guys had so much fun. Love it!

Janica said...

You have one smart kid! Who ever would've thought to explain a sleeping foot that way? Thats a great explanation of how it feels!! Im glad you finally got around to posting about the rest of your trip...LAZY!lol

craigthegrey said...

Nice pictures! I particularly like the "pictures of pictures!" I'm with Ashley when it comes to the rides, she looks great on the "dumb" carousel. Mr Incredible looks much taller than I would have expected...

Lisa said...

You've been Tagged! Read my blog for more details.

Ashley Rae said...

ya, we really had a blast. All of you should go to Disneyland. This year. :) Now. Today. Drop everything you have and just go. Hehe

wurstens5 said...

Sooooo much fun. Can I go?? That is so cute that Mickey visited. What a fun idea.

Kevan and Jill said...

Love the pictures! You all look so cute! We have some of the exact same pictures. Why didn't we plan better and go at the same time instead of a week apart? That was lame of us! It looks like you guys had as much fun as we had. I had never been to Disneyland so it was so much fun for me too!

Thanks for the info on the pictures. Do you just use a different picture or is there a way to fix the one that gets messed up?