Thursday, January 24, 2008

When life gives you lemons.... or snow....

Remember when we were little and loved the snow? When we were so excited to go make snow angels, snowmen, have snowball fights, go skiing, snowboarding or sledding? And now it snows and all I can think about is how much longer I'm going to have to enter my car through the passenger door because the driver's side door is frozen shut. And how snowboarding is too expensive, and even if I went, I'd probably break something.

More reasons I no longer like winter:

I don't like shoveling the sidewalks.
I don't like freezing my butt off.
I don't like having my car door frozen shut.
I don't like that there are no blooming flowers.
I don't like the stupid Utah inversion.
and I don't like the fact that it gets dark at 6:00 pm.

However, my wonderful daughter was SO excited when it snowed the other day- we probably had over a foot in our yard. I figured that we better put her snowbib to use, since it has just been hanging in her closet for 4 months (from the day we bought it).

We made a snowman. (That's our little dog, Harley, in the background. She barked at the birds for a while, then tried to eat our snowman.)

This was NOT good snowman snow. It was too powder-y. It took us a lot longer than I remember it taking when I was younger...

I have no clue how kids don't seem to notice that their hands are totally frozen while they're playing in the snow. I was tempted to just bag it at this point and go inside since I was so cold.
She was so proud. Of course all she really did was take some snow and sprinkle it on the snowman I was making.
The masterpiece: (she named him Frosty. Not my first choice, but whatever)

I know, he needs a carrot. We were all out of them and of course our boy neighbors don't eat healthy enough to keep carrots around the house for us to borrow.

I DO like playing with my daughter in the snow. :)


The Mom said...

I LOVE your snowman.... so glad that you actually had the day off so you could play with Kennedy in the snow. Fun memories.

Michelle said...

That snowman is so cute! I love his scarf...Kennedy is absolutely having a grand time...

Ashley, I remember those inversions well and HATING the Utah winters. I don't like being cold either, I guess I should stop bitching about AZ in the summer because winter here is so worth it.

Chris said...

Hi Ashley, this is Michelle's sister, I wandered over here from her blog.

Kennedy and the snowman are adorable. I miss Utah around Christmas, but that's about it. Those inversions were horrible, especially around March and the snow in April and May (sometimes) was just too much.

Anyway, I hear wonderful amazing things about you and your daughter from your Mom, and I'm sure they are all true!!

Ashley Rae said...

Thanks! I think the snowman turned out pretty cute, too, considering how crappy the snow was.

Ya, this inversion is absolutely TERRIBLE! There was a fire downtown the other day and the inversion has trapped all of the smoke in from that- after I come inside, my hair smells like I've been sitting around a campfire. It sucks. Especially since I haven't been around a campfire.

Chris! I'm glad you're visiting! My mother and Kristin have said some great things about you, too :)

ALL of us (Erica included, of course) will have to do a fun girl trip one of these days...

The Collins Gang said...

Bad snow, but it looks like you still had fun! I can't wait to make a snowman with Parker! Kennedy just keeps getting cutter and cuter!


Kristin said...

I, too, like the snowman, but he looks rather like a toadman snowman, to me.

Kennedy is a doll.

We got more snow here today than in the past few years combined. Craig's loving it. He LIKES to shovel snow, and he'll get out there and finish our driveway and that won't be enough for him, so he'll shovel the sidewalks all up and down the street and if that's not enough, he'll shovel his way to the park, and then do the some of the neighbors driveways on the way back for good measure.

Schools will be closed tomorrow, all flights in and out of the airport were cancelled today, as well as tomorrow, and some of the freeway here was even closed.

So, guess how much snow we have!?

Probably a grand total of about 10 inches.

Our town just can't cope with snow. I think they have like three snowplows total, and when it snows like this, it takes days to before we see a plow lumbering along in our area. They never make it into any of the neighborhoods at all.

But to be fair, the reason it's so bad right now is that the snow was preceded by a significant amount of freezing rain. So an inch thick sheet of ice lays under that lovely, powdery snow. No one goes out, the streets are empty, everyone is afraid to drive. So that makes it extra fun for Craig when he gets in the truck, revs it up and slides around in giddy circles.

What can you say? He was raised in Canada.

Ashley Rae said...

Amanda- ya, this was a bad snow, huh? Parker will have so much fun playing in the snow when he's older! Does he like it, now? He's such a cutie.

Kris- It does look like a toadman!Haha! LOL to Craig shoveling everyone's driveways and loving it. I guess Canada will do that to a person. Haha.
10" and everything's closed? Wow, how would that be? :)

the mom said...

I woke up to maybe 3" - 4" of snow here... not common for it to stay on the ground this long. I'm glad I work from home.

wurstens5 said...

Very cute snowman. I too have decided I don't like the cold anymore. It just annoys me to death. I told Jeff we are moving to somewhere warm. I don't think he's quite on board with me.

Ashley Rae said...

Haha! Oh ya, I am so sick of the cold. Somewhere warm would be nice. I'd like to go somewhere tropical, but I don't see that happening anytime in the near future.

coulsons said...

UM yeah I hate snow to! We got like 2 feet up here in less than a weeks time! It was crazy all schools were cancelled for a week! And they declared us in a state of emergency!